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5.3 消息

Messages consist of a fixed-size header and variable length opaque byte array payload. The header contains a format version and a CRC32 checksum to detect corruption or truncation. Leaving the payload opaque is the right decision: there is a great deal of progress being made on serialization libraries right now, and any particular choice is unlikely to be right for all uses. Needless to say a particular application using Kafka would likely mandate a particular serialization type as part of its usage. TheMessageSetinterface is simply an iterator over messages with specialized methods for bulk reading and writing to an NIOChannel.
消息由一个固定大小的报头和可变长度但不透明的字节阵列负载。报头包含格式版本和CRC32效验和以检测损坏或截断。淘汰不透明负载是一个正确的决定:任何特定的选择不可能适合所有的用途,现在,在序列化库上取得很大的进展。kafka提供一个特定的序列化类为其使用。这个MessageSet接口是一个简单的迭代器,专门的方法进行批量对 NIO 通道读取和写入消息。

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